Drilling Accessories

Air Measuring Kit

The Air Measuring Kit is used to measure the uphole bailing velocity of the air being delivered by the compressor with the drillbit and drillrods currently in use on the machine, and to establish if the compressor system is operating normally.

It is also used to determine if the delivered velocity bears a true relation to the rated capacity of the compressor.

 Technical Features:

  • Aluminum construction for easy handling.
  • Drillbit thread adaptors for 3 1/2" API Reg, 4 1/2" API Reg, 6 5/8" API Reg and 7 5/8" API Reg.
  • High and low pressure gauges.
  • Easy to use charts and tables.
  • Optional light weight plastic container.

Lifting Bails

Lifting Bails are available in two options.  One is a light weight unit designed for ease of operation, but is capable of lifting at most two drillrods.  The second is a heavy weight unit designed to carry four or five drillrods.

Drillbit Lifting Bails are light weight units designed for easy and convenient use.

All welding is carried out to the same exacting standard of manufacture as is applied to all of our drillstring products.

When ordering, please specify the following;

1.  Type of application:

     -  light weight drillrod

     -  heavy duty drillrod

     -  drillbit lifting bail.

2.  Thread type.

Pulldown Measuring Kit

The Pulldown Measuring Kit is used to calibrate the cab pulldown gauge such that the actual drillbit load at various settings on the pulldown control mechanism can be determined.

It is also used to check the operation of the pulldown system to ensure that the system is operating normally.

Technical Features:

  • 50 Metric Ton Load Cell unit.
  • Digital Display unit.
  • Drillbit/Rod thread adaptor for 3 1/2" API Reg to 7 5/8" API Reg box threads.
  • Powered by 12V vehicle battery (not supplied with kit).
  • Complete with cabling and battery connectors.
  • Optional light weight plastic container.
  • Optional Low Profile Load Cell unit (reduced weight for easy handling).

Thread Lubricant

Thread lubricants play a vital role in reducing thread wear, ensuring proper thread makeup, and the prevention of tooljoint seizure.  We only recommend the use of high pressure, water resistant lubricants with a high metallic component. 

These types of compounds have proven over and over again that they reduce drillrod repair costs, and reduce the number of maintenance call-outs to heat up and break seized connections.