Drilling Project Services have been trading since 1980, supplying quality drilling products throughout Southern Africa. Drilling Project Services are suppliers of mining, oilfield, quarrying and waterwell drilling products.

We supply all drilling consumables from the drive head of the machine to the bits as well as HPGPS drill guidance and management systems. Our knowledge of the machines, their capacities and optimum operating requirements is exceptional. The Company makes every effort to work closely with each of its customers to ensure their operation is optimised and the operating cost reduced.

We understand the need for development and improvement of product and undertake a definite program of systematic testing and improvement. Our project engineering staff are dedicated to the continual monitoring and improvement of all products in the field.


We understand the needs of clients operating in remote regions of the world. Productivity is essential to their success and we provide products and services that optimise productivity. We understand that these clients also need products that last, and do not require continuous maintenance or repair. We will meet these needs by providing superior quality products and services.


This includes knowledge of the products, the rigs, drilling equipment, compressors, drilling conditions, people and competition. Our level of knowledge of drilling extends to offering consulting services for drilling related problems, and training courses for operators, supervisors and managers.


We know we need to compete on an overall cost basis with our competitors. This goes beyond price of the product and extends to the Total Cost of drilling and efficiency of the customer operations. We provide products that optimise the drilling rate of penetration and reduce total costs of drilling.