All our crossover subs or adaptor subs are manufactured from certified heat-treated high tensile alloy steel, and we have a full set of accredited gauges that ensures that threads are machined to specification.  All threads receive and anti-galling coating and are protected by heavy duty plastic thread protectors when they leave our premises.

Bottom crossover subs or adaptors can be given extra wear protection by the application of hard bonding welding.  This will increase the life of this product, and be cost effective when drilling in abrasive formations.

Our factory is API approved and has an ISO quality system and all products are manufactured to exacting standards.


Drilling Project Services supplies quality drillrods engineered and manufactured to stringent specifications in diameters from 3 ½" (90mm) to 13 3/8" (340mm). All threads are machined using only accredited thread gauges from the highest grade certified alloy steel. Tube material specifications range from A106B to high grade alloy material and the factory operates a ISO9001 quality system. All threads are parkarised and always delivered with thread protectors to prevent thread damage.

The factory manufactures mining, waterwell and exploration drillrods, including reverse circulation drillrods.

When ordering, please specify the following;

1.    Machine make and model.

2.    Rod diameter (O.D.)

3.    Rod length (shoulder to shoulder).

4.    Connection details:  thread,  male/female,  tooljoint bore (I.D.)

5.    Wrench slot/spanner flat details on both ends of the rod.


Drilling stabilisers are manufactured to the same exacting standards as the drillrods using only certified high tensile alloy steel.  All threads are machined using only accredited thread gauges, and are protected by quality thread protectors.

Ribs comprise only Kennametal wear castings for superior performance and durability, and roller stabilisers are available on request.

Weld hard bonding for extra protection in high wear areas can be provided.

When ordering, please specify the following;

1.    Machine make and model.

2.    Drillbit size.

3.    Drillrod size.

4.    Length (shoulder to shoulder).

5.    Connection details:  thread details, tooljoint bore (I.D.), male/female.

6.    Wrench slot/spanner flat details.

7.    Length of blades.

8.    Location of blades.