Rotary Deckbushes For Blast Hole Drills

The Rotary Deckbushes act as a guide or centraliser at the deck level of the blast hole drill, and replaces the solid type bushing and is more cost effective for a number of reasons.

Product Benefits

  1. Reduces maintenance costs on blast hole drills and makes for more efficient drilling.
  2. Eliminates friction between drill pipe and bushes.
  3. Provides improved stabilisation at the deck level.
  4. Reduces wear on drill pipe thereby increasing drill pipe life.
  5. Reduces rig vibration thereby reducing top drive maintenance.
  6. Increased penetration is possible as usable horsepower to the bit is increased by reducing the drag between the drill pipe and the bushing.
  7. Rotary Deckbushes outlast any conventional solid deckbushes many times over.
  8. Rotary Deckbushes are available for all makes and models of blast hole drills, and can be supplied with handles to assist in removal and installation of the bushes.

Drilling Project Services manufactures highly effective Rotary Deckbushes using our unique manufacturing process.  Drilling Project Services also manufactures sealed lubricated units on special order where clients prefer this option.

Our industry knowledge will ensure that the deckbushes supplied by our company will be suitable for your drill.

When ordering, please specify the following;

1.  Machine make and model.

2.  I.D. of deckhole.

3.  Drillrod size.

4.  Minimum clearance for top plate.

5.  Location and size of retaining lugs.

6.  Are lifting handles required?  Specify size and location.

Bit Breakout Pots

These products are available for all makes and modes of drills.  Our light weight design and large handles allow for easy operation and removal of tricone drillbits.  The bit pots can be supplied with hardened top plates to ensure long and consistent use.

When ordering, please specify the following;

1.  Make and model of drill.

2.  Deckhole size.

3.  Maximum clearance for top plate.

4.  Position and orientation of deckbush locating lugs.

5.  Drillbit size.