Field Service


Drilling Project Services provides a service package which ensures that our products achieve their true potential. This service package is provided during routine visits to each mine by technically competent field representatives or by dedicated site technicians.

The Drilling Project Services service package includes the following;

Pre-inspection of Drill Rigs

All drill rigs using our products will be technically evaluated prior to the commencement of any supply contract.

Machine Technical Evaluation

All drill rigs using our products will be technically evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that no technical and operational problems are having a detrimental effect on the performance of our products and of the drill machine as a whole.

Machine Testing

The pull down and compressor systems will be tested every six months to ensure optimum product performance. Additional tests will be conducted should the need arise.

Operator and Supervisor Training

Refer to document “Drilling Project Services Training Courses”.

Product Failure Evaluation

Every run-out product will be analysed to establish the cause of failure.  Drilling Project Services will assist with the tracking and storage system to simplify this process.

Recording of Product Performance

This is an essential feature of performance optimization and Drilling Project Services will assist with the implementation of an effective system to monitor product performance and monthly drilled metres.

Performance Monitoring

Our field technicians spend time in the field monitoring product usage and operator performance and reporting our observations to management. This activity not only assists in optimizing product performance, but also provides a  platform for on-the-job training and is also essential for the team building that is  necessary to ensure long-term cost reduction.

Stock Control

Drilling Project Services will monitor the client’s stockholding of all the products we supply to ensure that no production is lost as a result of drilling accessories being out of stock.

Setting Scrapping Limits

Drill String products are monitored during routine mine visits for wear and our client is advised in good time as to when products should be removed for scrapping (or repair).  This service ensures that other critical components are not lost and that production is not lost as a result of product failure as a result of usage beyond the recommended wear limits.

Drilling Consulting

Drilling Project Services will provide a consulting service that will evaluate the performance of individual operators and of the drill team.  This information can be used to measure individual operator performance and establish key performance indicators for the drilling team.

Hammer Repair and Maintenance

 Drilling Project Services can provide a hammer repair and maintenance service which will optimize the performance of our products and reduce the total cost of ownership.

DTH Drillbit Sharpening

Our field technicians can assist in this process as it is an essential requirement for product optimization.