DPS is a leading supplier of Rotary drillbits to the opencast mining customers throughout Southern Africa.

Our design engineer that is based in Australia has extensive knowledge of rotary drilling and design. Bits are designed to suit the specific mine and ground formation that requires to be drilled. Over the past years we have designed bits that outlast and outperform many of our competitors. 

We produce premium quality sealed bearing drillbits (VS-Series), and a variety of open bearing bits (V-Series) to suit all types of formation.  The bits are available in sizes from 5 1/8" to 14" in diameter.
We have a patented seal design that increases seal life and bit life overall.

The VS-Series (sealed bearing) and V-Series (open bearing) drillbits have patented features which improve drilling penetration rates, and reduce total drilling cost. Our optimum goal at the end of the day is to increase the bearing life in hours as well as the bit cutting rate that all leads to a reduced TDC. (Total Drilling Cost).