Varel Mining and Industrial Tungsten Carbide Rotary Drillbits

Varel Mining and Industrial is a leading supplier of Rotary Tricone drillbits to the opencast mining, waterwell, oil and gas, and exploration industries around the world.

The Varel factory in Matamoros, Mexico, produces over five thousand drillbits per month and Varel is the only tricone drillbit manufacturer to produce its own tungsten carbide inserts.

Varel Mining and Industrial produces premium quality sealed bearing drillbits for deep hole exploration, and a variety of open bearing bits to suit all types of formation.  The bits are available in sizes from 2 7/8" to 36" in diameter.

The Ridgeback drillbit has patented features which improve drilling penetration rates, and reduce total drilling cost and the D-Force range of products are suitable for tough abrasive formations.

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Varel Mining and Industrial Rotary Percussion System (RPS)

Varel's patented RPS percussion tools provide unparalleled performance, versatility and reliability to virtually any rotary drilling environment. Designed for air rotary operations, the RPS delivers increased rate of penetration, reduced total drilling cost and more value to the bottom line with its unique ability to harness rotary and percussion forces.

• Patented design allowing air rotary rig drillers to combine and leverage rotary drilling methods with percussion energies for maximum rate of penetration.
• Operates on any air rotary drill rig with as little as 80 Psi.

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